Dean's Blog: Vacation Takes From Alamo City

Friday, March 23rd 2012, 3:46 pm

With all due respect to the friendly folks from the Alamo City, choosing this as our vacation destination becomes an all-time mistake…making a stop at the Watermelon Festival in Rush Springs seem like a trip to Paris.

Highlights of trip to the Alamo City:

1. Firm/full feathered pillows in Room 506…along with free breakfast and Happy Hour at the pedestrian Embassy Suites.

2. Seeing so many overweight people that help in recommitment to diet.

(an exhaustive list beginning with an eleven and a half drive down here because/ of bad weather and traffic and the much anticipated drive home Friday.)

1. Being so un-entertained that we had to go to a movie on vacation. ..and then the new Eddie Murphy being so bad – in part because/ of inappropriate language/bedroom scene for our 12 year-old son and his friend who shouldn't have been in a PG-13 movie to begin with.

2. The difficulty of getting Fox SW for Thunder games Tues/Wed.

Tim Tebow:

Tebow to the Jets is a marriage destined for failure. Just look at the tumultuous triumvirate cast of characters:

1. Loudmouth head coach on the ropes and arguably desperate for something to get him out of the grease.

2. Under-achieving returning starting QB on the ropes who is not inarguably not desperate for the circus attached to Timmy and the inevitable QB controversy. Sanchez has two primary problems: The popularity of Tebow—at least initially. And the simple fact that Sanchez isn't good enough to keep the wolves at bay.

3. A polarizing running back who takes snaps but is not good enough to stop John Elway from trading him essentially on second down (BTW, and an insider tells me he been in three meetings with the Broncos staff in past couple of weeks…and that they had already taken down all Tebow pictures and pulled all his jerseys and was told he was not as popular with teammates as people led to believe.

Derek Fisher:

1. Love the selection of jersey No. 37. First slap in the face of the Lakers.

2. Fisher brings not only the intangible value of winning and his off-the-court and locker room respect…but he brings his complete knowledge of everything about the Lakers. This would help in a post-season series or just overall—take the good and discard the bad of the vaunted Lakers franchise.

3. He brings poor defense—although how much worse could the perimeter defense be even with the return of defensive ace Thabo Sefolosha. But he brings invaluable clutch 3-point scoring --particularly from the short corner, where the injured D Cook often set up camp—but will not for the next 2-3 weeks with a knee sprain.

4. His impeccable player representative reputation and leader of the world champion Lakers which includes the complete respect from longtime backcourt mate Kobe Bryant, will in and of itself lead the gifted but immature Westbrook to listen and learn. A deadly combination.

5. Hopefully, it will put the unready rookie Reggie Jackson on the bench where he can also listen and learn and perhaps be ready to contribute next year if Fisher doesn't resign.

OKC Thunder:

PTI….I agree Westbrook's attempt to posterize Blake Griffin was an "abject failure" and once again lacked judgment. Griffin even got the charge which made Westbrook's attempt to retaliate for BGriffin's poster-ization of Perkins even more unsuccessful. It bolsters my unyielding belief that Westbrook, and others within the Thunder organization, are not fond of the ex-Sooner.