Oklahoma's AG Scott Pruitt Attends Day 2 Of Supreme Court's Health Care Hearing

Wednesday, March 28th 2012, 9:12 am
By: News 9

Oklahoma's Attorney General Scott Pruitt had a front-row seat at the U.S. Supreme Court for day two's arguments concerning the key component of the "Affordable Health Care Act," requiring every American to purchase health insurance.

Pruitt is one of the 26 attorneys general who say the health care overhaul is unconstitutional.

"The constitutionality of the mandate is the basis for health care lawsuits in Oklahoma, Virginia and the Florida case now before the Supreme Court. In its argument today, the federal government was not able to explain how this new power would be limited to just health insurance, and failed to provide justices the clarity they sought," Scott Pruitt said.

Justice Anthony Kennedy says allowing the mandate would "change the relationship" between the government and Americans.

"As Justice Kennedy said, the federal government had a heavy burden to prove how their new power would be limited and not intrude on the liberty of American citizens through mandated health insurance, and the government argument failed," Scott Pruitt said.

Wednesday is the third and last day lawyers will present their arguments to the court. To listen to the audio or view a transcript from Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court session, go online to www.supremecourt.gov.

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