Putting Gage In My Purse: Do You Think Anyone Would Notice?

Friday, April 6th 2012, 10:25 am
By: News 9

This is the part of maternity leave I have dreaded. But I told myself starting at six weeks, I would start looking for a nanny to come and watch Gage for when I go back to work. It's hard knowing I can't sneak him in my purse and put him under the news desk so he can be with me all the time. But I know this is something every working mom has to face sooner or later and now I'm at that point. I just wish my family lived closer!

What also makes it tough is I've covered too many horrible stories of child abuse. There's a certain amount of faith and trust that I must have in order to find someone. So I'm on a mission: find a caring, trusting, loving person who adores children. I just started and got subscriptions to care.com and sittercity.com. Those are pretty good sites – think of it as the Craigslist of nannies. I've talked to four potential nannies so far and the first is coming out to the house tonight. I have my list of questions ready, but I'm hoping my gut instinct will guide me.

My First (of Many) Calls to the Pediatrician

Well, it looks like I'm going to be that type of mom. I'm probably going to drive the pediatrician crazy! Yesterday, Gage broke out on his face and after extensive Googling, I found it was either baby acne (which I guess is pretty common) or a rash. So I called the doctor and from what I can gather, either way, it's no big deal. He just said wash it with water and he'll see me at his next checkup. I'm sure he's pretty used to us first time parents!

Everything Changes

Nick and I celebrated our six-year wedding anniversary this past week. Every year before we'd get each other something and do something special, but not this year. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that we've both been exhausted. I found it hard to even get out to get a card. In fact, I ended up making a card! I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time I made someone a card. But the thought was definitely there and that's what it's all about, I suppose. We did manage to go out to eat. Of course I had to walk around with Gage in my arms until he fell asleep, but then he was the perfect dining partner! I was warned also that our "furry children" would take the backseat. I didn't believe it, but now I do. I couldn't believe we forgot Willie's 5th birthday. I know that sounds silly to some, but every year before we would get him a cake to celebrate. Poor Willie. But we made up for it by giving him a slice of my meatloaf. I think we're forgiven. :)