Law Enforcement Resolved To Catch Tulsa Shooter

Saturday, April 7th 2012, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

A series of shootings yesterday in Tulsa has lead to the launch of a task force to find the person responsible.

That announcement came this afternoon when Tulsa police explained "Operation Random Shooter". The FBI and state marshals will help police track down the gunman who shot five people Friday, killing three.

"I want to say to the perpetrator or anyone who would attempt to aide or abed him, we're coming for you," said Tulsa Police Chief, Chuck Jordan.

"We are all of one mindset, to find this person, arrest them and put them behind bars, and anyone that's associated with them," said Tulsa Mayor, Dewey Bartlett.

The story has gained national attention. Police say they believe the same person is behind all five of yesterday's shootings. They say a white man in a white pickup truck was spotted near the scene of three of those attacks.

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All the shootings took place in North Tulsa. Authorities found the first victim shortly after 1 a.m. Three minutes later, two men with gunshot wounds were found. They are both in critical condition. And just before 2 a.m. another man was found dead. A fifth victim was discovered at 8:30 a.m.

Police say all of the victims were black. Jordan held a news conference Saturday afternoon where he said the shootings could have been racially motivated, but stopped short of calling them hate crimes.

"There's been no racial slurs. We haven't arrested anybody yet. It's just not time for us to say that. Right now, I'm more worried about three of my citizens being murdered," said Jordan.

The shootings happened in Councilor Jack Henderson's district. He says nerves are frayed for many living in the area since this killer is still out there.

"To know that you can't walk down the street at night in your own neighborhood, that's a terrible shame. That's a terrible feeling. No one should be subjected to that," said Henderson.

This is the message he has for people in the community.

"We need to put aside whatever you think about your inability to be able to talk to the police department. We're working together."

The NAACP President is also urging everyone to cooperate with the police and to not take matters into their own hands.

Again, the only suspect information police have is an older white man in a white pickup truck that was spotted at three of the shooting scenes. Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers.

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