Wife Who Buried Former Oklahoma Man In Garden Charged With Murder

Tuesday, April 10th 2012, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

A woman accused of burying her husband in her herb garden is now charged with murder. Barbara Scott is accused of shooting her husband, Benny, in the back of the head.The couple lived in Midwest City before moving to Florida.

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Barbara Scott was essentially caught in several lies. After three months, a shooting and a multi state investigation, police and friends of her late husband are convinced she planned the murder and the bizarre burial.

"We can hardly believe it happened, those last few months she seemed to be taking care of him very well," said Harve Dunn, Ben's best friend.

Scott told neighbors in Florida she was tired of Benny's Constant neediness. He suffered from congestive heart failure. She told people in Oklahoma her husband couldn't talk on the phone because he needed throat surgery, but told people in Florida a different tale.

Her daughter called her out on the apparent lies.

"She finally noticed he wasn't there and when she asked Barbara about it, she said that Ben had come to Oklahoma for a funeral and hadn't come back," Dunn said.

Deputies in Florida told News 9 Scott originally told them her husband fell in the shower.

"So at the end of the day we have heard five different versions," said Judd. "This had to be very contrived, she had all the answers for them and she had all the answers for us and she carried on this charade for three months or so."

Finally, the 64-year-old admitted she tied Benny's hands and feet, placed a bag over his head, buried him, and then planted her herbs.

Benny Scott's body was located, buried in the east portion of the backyard near the back door in a grave. The bullet inside Benny's skull was consistent with a .22 caliber.

Police found the same type of ammo in Barbara Scott's nightstand.