Police Arrest Suspected Peeping Tom At Popular Edmond Restaurant

Wednesday, May 2nd 2012, 9:48 pm
By: News 9

A man is accused of spying on women in the privacy of a restroom stall at a popular metro restaurant. The suspect now faces a peeping tom charge.

It all happened at Ted's Café Escondido. The restaurant says a disgruntled former employee paid the Edmond location a visit. He was not welcomed there. In fact, he was told to leave, but instead, police say he broke the law.

A charge filed in district court Wednesday claims Antonio Vasquez returned to Ted's Café ten minutes after being fired from a job he held for eight days. Once inside, witnesses say Vasquez walked into the women's restroom, hid in a handicapped stall and waited for his victims to undress in a neighboring stall.

Police say, at the time, employees had no idea what was going on. But, Vasquez was still told to leave.

Witnesses say Vasquez did leave but later came back for round two. That's when at least one woman says she looked up and saw Vasquez starring down at her. Ted's Café called 911.

When officers arrived, Vasquez was found hanging out in the parking lot.

Court documents compared to jail records show Vasquez has two different names and two different birthdays. In fact, police did not even have proof of his real identity when he was booked into jail. That had officers contacting U.S. Immigration Services.

Vasquez claims he was in the women's restroom because someone asked him to change the toilet paper.

Vasquez is also facing an unrelated charge of concealing stolen property.