OKC Police Arrest Woman, Two Others After Officer Slapped On Buttocks

Thursday, June 7th 2012, 4:37 pm
By: News 9

Police arrested three people at Dan O'Brien's restaurant and bar in Oklahoma City after an officer said a woman slapped him on the buttocks.

The officer and his partner conducted a business check near N. May Avenue and W. Memorial Road on June 5 around 1:30 a.m. The officer said as he was about to leave, 25-year-old Stephanie Salas slapped him on the left side of his buttocks.

The officer said he turned and scolded Salas, but she smiled and laughed. The officer said he told Salas he was serious, but she said what she did was a compliment.

The officer said during the short conversation he noticed Salas had a beer in her hand, was swaying back and forth, and slurring her speech. He decided to take her into custody for public drunkenness.

The officer said before he could arrest Salas, her friend 33-year-old Kelsea Story stepped between them and tried to drag her away. According to the police report, when the officer told Story to move she continued to push Salas away and put her hand in the officer's face.

The officer eventually grabbed Salas and instructed his partner to arrest Story. When the officer tried to handcuff Story, he said 26-year-old Justin Plumlee grabbed her and told the police to let her go. Plumlee and the officer engaged in a scuffle and the officer used his taser to subdue Plumlee.

Salas, Story and Plumee were all arrested. Salas was booked on a complaint of public drunkenness, while Story and Plumlee were booked for public drunkenness and obstruction.