OKC Ready To Show Thunder Love With Giant Signs, Blue And Orange Lights

Monday, June 11th 2012, 5:56 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Clearly, the NBA Finals is generating a lot of excitement that can not only be felt in the air, but seen just about everywhere you look.

There is no denying it, Thunder love has reached epic proportions.

Monday morning, workers were replacing the words "Playoffs" with "The Finals" on the huge Thunder sign on the side of the Marriott Courtyard.

"Just showing our support as much as we can for the Thunder," said Courtyard Marriott Manager Robbie Province.

Over the weekend, workers painted "Thunder Up" on the old I-40 crosstown, for those flying above the city.

Massive signs, and flags dominate the Oklahoma City skyline.

On the ground 80,000 blue, white and orange lights will light up the Myriad garden park and Bricktown canal.

"We're just trying to show our Thunder pride," said Israel Brumback, who works for Street Side Limited, the company hired by Downtown Oklahoma City, Inc. to hang the lights.

The guys have been working almost around the clock since Thursday to be ready for Tuesday night's game.

The biggest challenge for them: finding enough blue, orange and white Christmas lights in June.

"I'm all over it, I love it," said Israel.

Beyond downtown, a giant "Durantula" now sits beside James Harden's beard on the front of Ketch Design building on North Western.

"We were going to stop, but the ball's rolling, we just keep going," said Ronny Ketch.

Ketch says a pair of Russell Westbrook glasses are in the works.

"That will be Sally Jesse Raphael Red and then maybe he gets a wild shirt," said Ketch.

Even ladies shoe stores have found a way to step it up, now that the Thunder is just four wins away from a Championship.