Police: Man Tried To Bury Girlfriend Alive Near North Canadian River

Wednesday, June 20th 2012, 10:48 pm
By: News 9

Harrah police say an Oklahoma woman is lucky to be alive after her boyfriend tried to bury her alive, then tried to drown her in a river.

The horrific tale is all laid out in court papers. Harrah police say they got a call from the woman who survived the attack two weeks ago. Now, her boyfriend has been charged with domestic abuse and could face attempted murder.

It all started with a trip to the North Canadian River. Court papers show the couple had been drinking and fishing by the water when the woman's boyfriend, Johnny Paul Bourlon, started acting very mean.

"Call came out as a domestic violence call. Upon arrival officers made contact with that female, she had some bruising, she had clearly been assaulted," said Harrah Police Officer Phil Stewart.

The woman, identified as Onna Warren, claims Bourlon knocked her unconscious and started dragging her down the beach. Court papers state he then started burying her in the sand and put sand in her mouth, causing her not to breathe. When she fought back he grabbed her and threw here in the river knowing that she could not swim.

According to court papers, Warren was somehow able to break free from Bourlon. She then crossed the river and ran into the woods for help. That's where she ran into some kids on an ATV.

Warren asked the kids to help her, while Bourlon was screaming at her from across the river. He then took off in her van and was arrested a short time later.

For now Bourlon only faces a domestic abuse charge as well one for taking his girlfriend's car. But that could change.

"Again we're working closely with the district attorney's office to determine whether or not they want to take the charges of attempted murder, which they can certainly do," said Stewart.

Warren was taken to a local hospital for her injuries and has since been released. She was not available for comment.

Bourlon is still in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $6,000 bond.