Oklahomans Battle Infestation Of Black Widow Spiders

Tuesday, July 17th 2012, 5:34 pm
By: News 9

Exterminators across the state are busy battling bugs this summer, particularly the exploding population of black widow spiders.

Pest control experts say because of the heat, the shudder-inducing spiders are thriving. They are recognizable by the bright red pattern on their shiny black bodies, and their venom can be deadly. The spiders make people's skin crawl, and even exterminators find them creepy.

"I do not like to be around spiders," said Mark Lasater with TheBugGuyOKC.com. "That's why I'm they bug guy; so I can knock them out!"

Lasater said the spiders infest gardens, garages, jungle gyms and toys. He warned if people see a the large white egg, a black widow spider is likely nearby. But Lasater also says if you don't disturb their web, then the spiders will not come after you.

Still, people should be careful. There has not been a death in Oklahoma from a black widow bite in several years, but the risk is still there. Doctors warn if you are bitten, quickly get to a doctor.