Jed's Blog: The Drought Is Here, No End In Sight

Friday, July 27th 2012, 1:08 pm
By: News 9

The big story weather-wise until further notice is the drought. The latest Drought Monitor shows most of Oklahoma with severe to extreme conditions.

The drought and the reoccurring heat waves have damaged much of the state's crops and turned the rest of the state crispy and dry, adding a shade of brown or yellow to the landscape. I have posted pictures of another feature to the drought, and that is the pesky little jumping plant eaters also known as GRASSHOPPERS! They love these types of conditions and breed rapidly in them. Yes, those are grasshoppers and not leaves on that tree in the picture. The photo is courtesy of Darrin Bailey in Canadian County.

As we go through August, fire danger will more than likely also rear its ugly head. Winds typically increase late in the month.

We certainly need a good soaking statewide rain! I am hoping we don't have to wait until State Fair time to see that. At this point, that looks like our next best shot!

We will be watching the horizon closely and hope for the best! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @jedcastles or like my Facebook fan page.