Woman Claims Norman Active Duty Recruiter Raped Her, Got Her Pregnant

Monday, September 3rd 2012, 6:45 pm
By: News 9

A woman has come forward, saying she was raped by an active duty recruiter while she was serving in the National Guard. She says the married recruiter, who was a father of two, not only took advantage of her, but got her pregnant.

Valorie Slaughter says it happened nearly 14 years ago. But that it took that long to force the recruiter to take a paternity test.

Slaughter was only 18 when it all happened. She was fresh out of basic training and had dreams of going active duty when she joined the Army National Guard in Norman. She says she went to the army recruiter station. And when she got there, one of the recruiters took a particular interest in her.

"And at first it seemed really cool," said Slaughter. "But then it got to the point that he was staying at my house, and using my brother as an excuse to be at the house, and he wouldn't go away."

She says then one night, the recruiter drugged her, and raped her.

"He came that next morning and picked me up to bring me back to the recruiting station," said Slaughter. "And it was like 5:30 or 6 in the morning, which was really odd. And then the whole day, he was questioning me, trying to see if I remembered anything that happened."

Slaughter did report the incident to her commander, and even filed a police report with the Noble Police Department. Then weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.

The recruiter denied ever touching her. And it took her 14 years to prove that the recruiter was indeed the father.

In all that time, he never spent a dime in child support, but is now being forced to pay. Now, she wants others to come forward, since she says it appears the military tried to sweep what happened to her under the rug.

"I really want them to reopen the investigation. They've got a DNA order saying he did touch me, and he lied to you, so I think they need to be fair and just about the situation for my son's sake," Slaughter said.

We talked with a spokesman with the Army National Guard. He tells News 9 all allegations of sexual assault are taken very seriously and are investigated.

Slaughter says she felt like her case was not.

"I turned it in, and it was kind of treated like I was overreacting," said Slaughter. "I was basically told well this was just a date rape, and it was kind of blown off. I had to push to get to somebody that could do something."

She says her follow ups proved even more disheartening.

"They had closed the investigation," said Slaughter. "I was told the result was he said he never touched me, he's an E-7 with a meticulous record, and I'm an E-3. Who did you think they'd believe? I was floored."

News 9 has placed calls with the Army and the Noble Police Department for more information about their investigations. Due to it being Labor Day, calls are yet to be returned.