Del City Woman Concerned Over Lack Of Help Amid West Nile Woes

Thursday, September 6th 2012, 9:42 pm
By: News 9

A mosquito problem in the metro has one resident calling on the government for help, but she says nothing is being done.

So far this year, seven people in Oklahoma have died from the West Nile Virus as new issues complicate the problem.

Standing water is where mosquitos breed. That's the problem people need to watch out for in at least one Del City neighborhood.

Cindy Island has lived in Del City for more than a dozen years, staying busy with her grandchildren, gardening and her pool.

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"I can't let my grandbabies in the pool," Island said. "I'm afraid to work in my garden, afraid I'll get bit."

A mess lurking next door has kept Island living in fear ever since the West Nile outbreak. She calls it a stressful situation. A pool at a home next to Island's backyard is home to a mosquito paradise of stagnant water.

"It's always filled with stagnant black water, mosquitos, mosquito larva [and] garbage," Island said.

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At night, it's the worst, according to Island. The great grandmother says armies of the tiny blood suckers will invade her yard from over her backyard fence. Island has been working hard trying to collect as many mosquitos as possible, but she has worked even harder trying to get the city to do something about it.

Del City says it will investigate reports of code violations and hold homeowners accountable, but that has not fixed the problem on the 4300 block of Woodedge Drive.

"I've called everybody I could think to call and nothing gets done," Island said.

Island says for 14 years Del City has known about the problems at her neighbor's property and has done nothing about it. News 9 could not make contact with the homeowner of the property in question, but Island has already left a message.

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"I ask them every year to please take care of it," Island said. "I write notes on the door. They won't answer their phone."

Del City says it does spray for mosquitos. Even though Island has not been successful, the city urges residents to call (405) 670-7379 to report issues.

Thursday, the State Health Department reported more cases of the West Nile virus in Oklahoma. So far this year, there have been 123 cases across the state, including 40 in Oklahoma County and 29 in Tulsa County.

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