Yukon Police Investigate Mystery Bone Found In Bag Of Soil

Tuesday, September 11th 2012, 9:30 pm
By: News 9

A bone found inside of a bag of top soil has Yukon police conducting an investigation. The owner of the soil wants to know what kind of bone it is and where it came from.

The entire story has the makings of a CSI episode.

What started as a simple trip to Lowe's for some dirt is turning into a first for Oldcastle Lawn and Garden, which manufactured the soil.

"I'm not sure how that snuck through quality control," Yukon resident Donna Banks said.

Banks was topping off soil for her house plants when she hit something hard in her bag of dirt. Banks has bought top soil for years. She says what she found was a first.

"I thought it was a rock, and I reached down and grabbed it," Banks said. "I pulled it out and [said] this isn't a rock."

A broken bone standing eight inches tall and wide enough to be that of a human leg was found in the bag of soil packaged by Oldcastle Lawn and Garden. Banks says Oldcastle has been doing a good job handling the situation, but she just wants to know if it's an animal bone or something more sinister.

To dig to the bottom of the mystery, Banks called police. A detective with Yukon police bagged and tagged the bone. Police say OSBI will analyze it just to make sure it is not human remains.

Before taking the evidence to OSBI, police had a veterinarian take a look at the bone. The doctor believes the bone is from a cow. News 9 will stay on top of the story to know for sure.

The Georgia-based manufacturer of the soil is also investigating where the bone came from.