News 9 Goes Back To Prague One Year After Record Earthquake

Monday, November 5th 2012, 7:47 pm
By: News 9

A year after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Prague, you can still see some of the damage in the walls at the Prague City Hall. It runs all the way up to the ceiling, but luckily, it's not structural damage.

We did a thorough investigation though the building, upstairs, on the roof, just to see if there were any cracks that were noticeable. City manager Jim Greff saw plenty of noticeable cracks throughout city hall after the record 5.6 magnitude earthquake one year ago.

Up and down the main drag of Prague, buildings stand cracked and damaged.

Dwight Grady says he's one of the lucky ones who didn't suffer major damage, others all around him weren't so lucky.

Between Prague and Meeker, several homes lost their chimneys and suffered a lot of structural damage. A lot of big walls fell, but since then, we just keep our fingers crossed.

Earthquakes are now just part of the routine for many who live near this fault line. We're still waiting for it to be over, but like the geologists said, it could take years for them to slowly taper off.

There's another one of those cracks at the Prague City Hall. The Office of Emergency Management still has their sign up at the city hall and the city manager says hundreds of folks have reported damage since the earthquake happened. Some of them have fixed up their homes, some of them just made sure it was safe to live in.

People in Prague fear the next big quake is just around the corner.

It's all the chatter at Chaddar's Diner, if and when the next big quake with hit.

On the anniversary of the record 5.6 magnitude earthquake near Prague, restaurant owner Chad Bryant said he hears his customers talking about the next one all morning.

That earthquake caused damage all over the Prague downtown area, cracking buildings and homes, even injuring Sandra Ladra inside her own home, just outside of Prague.

"It actually landed kind of in my lap and it made two large hematomas, they said on my legs. And then on my knee it took out a chunk and they put about nine to twelve stitches," Ladra said.

The Ladras' story is like many families in the area, nobody wants it to happen again.

Since that big earthquake a year ago, there have been 50 tremors that have happened in the Prague area and people here at Chaddar's say they're happening less frequently and less often.