OKC Police Officer 'Shocked' About Identity Of Suspect In Son's Shooting

Thursday, February 7th 2013, 7:49 pm
By: News 9

Two suspects are behind bars for the shooting of a police officer's son that took place in northwest Oklahoma City on Tuesday.

That officer was shocked to hear that a young man he helped mentor and was a friend of his son years ago is now accused of trying to rob him. Not only that but the arrest warrant states that former friend told his accomplice to pull the trigger on the officer's son.

"Life is filled with good and evil," said Lt. Bruce Davis, who's son Spencer now lies in a hospital bed after being shot in the leg. "And we can only hope that good will overcome evil."

Davis has been with the Oklahoma City Police Department for more than 25 years and has worked his share of armed robberies. But the one on Tuesday involving his 20-year-old son, Spencer, hit too close to home.

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"He's doing well," said Davis with a sad smile on his face. "He had surgery yesterday to go in and repair the artery and the graft took well."

Early Thursday afternoon, Oklahoma City police arrested Marquice Allen in connection with the shooting.

Allen, the accused gunman, has served time in prison for armed robbery and assaulting a police officer. And was just released from prison last month.

Police also arrested his accomplice, 20-year-old Christopher O'Neal, late Wednesday night after receiving a tip he too was involved in the shooting.

And Davis says Spencer confirmed it.

"And I asked him 'Did he know the person who shot him?' And he nodded his head 'Yes.'"

As it turns out Christopher O'Neal knew both Spencer, his father, and his brothers.

"Christopher O'Neal was a friend of my sons several years ago," remembers Davis. "I reached out to Christopher as a mentor, and I took him to my church. As a matter of fact, he gave his soul over to God and I baptized him."

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But Bruce says over time, Spencer lost contact with O'Neal. And focused on becoming a young father. Until a tragic twist of fate outside the Britton Courtyards apartments brought them back together again. But in a very heartbreaking way. Despite that his father is showing mercy.

"My prayers are with Chris," said Lt. Davis. "And that he will find God and turn his life back over to the Almighty, because there's always a chance to turn around."

Both O'Neal and Allen are currently being held without bail at the Oklahoma County Jail. O'Neal is facing a $40,000 bond. Allen's bond is set at $80,000.