Bring on Spring - But No Allergies Please!

Monday, March 4th 2013, 4:30 pm
By: News 9

Spring is without question my favorite season of the year, but fall isn't too far behind.  The reasons why I prefer those two are numerous, but I realized another important reason today when I prepared the allergy report graphic for my show. The tree pollen has gone absolutely berserk. An allergy alert is typically issued when the count reaches these levels. Unfortunately, we only get the updated counts in the mornings on weekdays. Many of my friends and family members were already having allergy problems over the weekend so it was obvious something was up.

Cedar pollen combined with Oklahoma's strong wind this time of year is not a good combination for many of you. The rain can be helpful in reducing the impacts of cedar pollen, but all too often this only provides temporary relief. The microscopic picture of cedar pollen doesn't make it any better either. It is just plain creepy to think about breathing all of that pollen in.

Typically the cedar season will come an end by April as pollination begins to wane. So, we will hopefully see some improvements in these counts by next month. However, cedars can still pollinate as late as June, but the amount will certainly decrease. While I love the spring and fall, I feel for those of you who have such a rough time about now.