Dead Dog Left Decomposing Near OKC School For Days

Thursday, March 28th 2013, 6:16 pm
By: News 9

A dead dog was found stuffed in a tire on a sidewalk in Oklahoma City Thursday morning, and nothing is done until we make calls to the city.

It's a sight that'll make you sick to your stomach, and what's worse, it's been here for days. A dead dog tucked away in a tire, and then left here on a sidewalk.

A mother didn't want to be identified, but she's not hiding her anger. She's upset someone would leave an animal like this on the side of the road. She's even more upset that it's been here for four days, and she's not alone.

"What's really got residents outraged about this whole thing is the fact that there's a middle school right across the street," the mother said.

Students using the busy section of S.W. 44th to get to class are walking right by the carcass. Laderrick Johnson is one of them.

"It's like stinky, flies all over it. We have to walk in the middle of the street just to walk around it," Johnson said.

Several people we talked to say they've called Oklahoma City police and animal control to complain.

Police say something like this is for the city's Animal Welfare division.

The Superintendent of Animal Welfare says the employee in charge of picking up dead animals is only a part-time worker and he's often responding to multiple calls.

"I can't believe that's how animals are allowed to be treated in Oklahoma and just left in front of a school for a week," the mother said.

After we called, the dog was picked up and removed from the sidewalk. The Animal Welfare Division says this was communication mix-up.

An official with the OKC Animal Welfare Division sent us the following statement,

"I'm really sorry that we did not get the dead dog sooner than we did. It appears to be a simple mix-up in coding and communication between the Officers. We apologize to our citizens for the mistake. "