Crook On Crutches Wanted For SW OKC Burglaries

Monday, April 1st 2013, 6:45 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police looking for a crook on crutches. Home surveillance video shows the burglar being chased off by a homeowner.

Police are asking for our help to find the burglar. They say 28-year-old Ernest Sarabia recently broke into three houses in southwest Oklahoma city. The latest was caught on tape, right up to the moment he ditched his crutches to get away.

The home surveillance video shows a man hobbling up a driveway in the 1200 block of S.W. 46th.

Police say the burglar on crutches pried open the door of that home and stuffed jewelry and electronics in his backpack. But the homeowner was inside and ran him out.

"When he leaves, he's seen being chased by the homeowner, who basically catches him in the act, chases him out," said OCPD Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. "This time he does not have his crutches. He's hopping on one leg."

Leaving his crutches behind, the burglar takes off in the truck he came in. Mark Allbright lives down the street and says he and his neighbors are on alert.

Burglars broke in to Mark's home recently too.

"I came home in the evening and noticed my front door was kicked in," said Allbright "[I] got in and the house was ransacked, and a lot of things were missing. They got computers, got some guns, other little things laying around the house."

As for the crook caught on tape, police say they know who is. They're looking for 28-year-old Ernest Sarabia.

Neighbors are hoping police find him soon.

"They're concerned," said Allbright. "We all try to look out for each other."

The latest victim told police she recognized the burglar, saying she'd seen him in her neighborhood and that he works at a nearby grocery store. That man, police say, is Sarabia, and they've issued a warrant for his arrest.

If you have any information on where Sarabia is, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers (405)-235-7300.