'Make A Wish' Builds Dream Tree House For Sick Wynnewood Boy

Tuesday, August 6th 2013, 6:26 pm
By: News 9

A 6-year-old in Wynnewood knows more than most about how dangerous this hot weather can be. 

Conrad Dixon has suffered a stroke and is living with a severe immune illness that keeps him inside a lot. The Make a Wish Foundation worked to give him quite a surprise.

Conrad Dixon is only 3 and half feet tall, but he's got some high expectations for this one wish to come true.

"I like heights and it's really high in the tree," Dixon said.

Through all of his laughter, Dixon explained why he wished for a tree house. He wanted something he can play in despite his illness.

The Make a Wish Foundation had three weeks to plan the project. A crew took only three days to build the tree house for Dixon, and it's anything but ordinary.

Jeff Summers, Make a Wish Oklahoma CEO, smiled when talking about Dixon's request.

"I think the original call was for the most awesome tree house ever, in Wynnewood Oklahoma," Summers said.

The team of volunteers came up with the unique design. The tree house is equipped with air conditioning, insulation, and electricity.

As Dixon says it's one way he can keep cool and feel cool.

"It's really amazing and it's pretty good tree to put it in," Dixon said.

The first look inside left Dixon overwhelmed with excitement and he still managed to explain how happy it is to have a place where he can play and the illness will not get in the way.

"In this one I can like spend almost half the day in it, cause it's like I can sit here and play video games and play with toys and it's really awesome," he said.