Caught On Camera: Thief Steals Blanchard Man's Car In SW OKC

Tuesday, September 17th 2013, 5:40 pm
By: News 9

A Blanchard man's prized car was taken right before his eyes while he visited a metro convenience store. But the thieves did not know surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing.

The car's owner, Dewayne Anderson, told News 9 he parked his classic car right up by the front door near S.W. 15th and May Avenue Sunday afternoon, just like he had countless times in the past.

But he admitted this time, he left his car keys in the ignition, which proved to be a costly mistake.

The surveillance cameras at Express Grocery captured images of a man getting out of a black four-door pickup truck and heading towards the store. But after looking in the window, he makes a detour, and walks right up to the green Plymouth Satellite and hops in like he owns it.

"I hear it start up, I see it going into reverse, and then I see my car start pulling out," Anderson said.

Anderson says he is the rightful owner of the 1971 beauty, and says he has put a lot of his blood, sweat, and tears into it, not to mention countless dollars.

"I started on it approximately 10 years ago," said Anderson. "And it's not even finished yet."

Anderson could be seen running out of the store, trying to stop the thief from driving off in his classic car, but to no avail.

"And he almost ran over me. If you look at the video, you can see he almost hits me trying to get to my car."

Anderson said the car also has sentimental value. He said he bought it for his wife, who just died this past January.

"I just been handing out pictures and telling everyone I see, 'If you see this car please call me there's a reward for it, a thousand dollars.'"

Anderson said he fears gang members may have taken the car to sell in Mexico. But just Tuesday morning, he got a phone call from a friend, who may have found the classic Satellite.

"I was ecstatic, I was flabbergasted," said Anderson. "There's only one car like it in Oklahoma City."

Anderson said he's learned a valuable lesson.

"Don't leave your keys in the car!" Anderson laughed.

Anderson and his friend are visiting the place where his car was spotted. And they are bringing an officer along, too. We will let you know what happens.

So far police have not made any arrests in this case. If you recognize or know the man who took the car, call Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.