Norman Police: Thieves Break Into 21 Vehicles In Five Days

Tuesday, October 1st 2013, 6:13 pm
By: News 9

Thieves broke into nearly two dozen cars in five days. Now, Norman residents are going to new extremes to help catch the crooks.

Norman Police are pursuing leads in a recent rash of car break-ins, but they're not alone.

"I've never had anything stolen from me before, so it was a shock," Matthew Stewart said.

Stewart, like other victims, is doing some of his own detective work.

Stewart said he had to take the opportunity to expose the people who broke into his jeep at the Halray Town Homes on September 27. He first took an inventory of everything stolen.

"They went through it thoroughly," he said.

Stewart said the thieves made off with a Playstation, two head rest television sets, and the wallet he accidentally left in the center console.

"That was money to get me through the next two weeks so I could buy my kids groceries and put gas in my car," Stewart said.

Stewart said Norman Police told him the thieves tried to use his debit card multiple times within hours of the burglary. He believes the possible suspects were caught on surveillance cameras.

Norman Police said they took a report, but a detective is not currently assigned to Stewart's case.

Before Stewart's break-in, investigators received an unusual number of reports of car burglaries in the area between Robinson and Main Street, bordered by 36th and 48th. Thieves hit 21 cars in five days. More than half were left unlocked.

Now, Stewart hopes to stop them before they strike again.

"I never want to feel that way again and I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way," he said.

If you have any information about this case or the other car break-ins call Norman Police at (405)-366-STOP.