Millwood Teacher Accused Of Being Drunk, Passed Out In Class

Friday, October 4th 2013, 9:38 pm
By: News 9

A substitute teacher is found drunk and passed out in a Millwood High School classroom full of students.

April Chamberlain, 30, was arrested by Oklahoma County Sheriffs deputies for public drunkenness. School administrators were pretty surprised to find Chamberlain drunk and passed out. Sheriff's deputies found an empty bottle of Canadian Whisky inside her purse.

The mission of the Millwood Public School district is to prepare all students academically and socially for lifelong learning and achievement, but Wednesday, Millwood High School students were caught off guard with an intoxicated substitute.

"[She was] basically passed out. At that point, the deputy and some school administrators went to the classroom, and sure enough, found this woman passed out," said Mark Myers, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

A student told one of the schools coaches, the biology fill-in had been using profanity and was stumbling around the classroom. It took Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputies a couple of minutes to wake Chamberlain up.

"There was an instant smell, odor of alcohol on her breath. Her speech was slurred, she was just out of it," said Myers. 

So out of it, students started taking pictures of Chamberlain and putting them on social media. Students were in the class throughout the day, but no one knew the substitute was drunk until the day was nearly over.

Millwood Public School superintendent, Cecilia Robinson says she regrets the incident involving Chamberlain. In a statement she goes on to say:

"We do have a hiring policy that requires background checks from all temporary help including volunteers. We are thankful that our partnership with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office allowed us to handle the situation as soon as it was reported."

Chamberlain was taken into custody, and booked on Public drunkenness, and has since bonded out of jail.

She also has four children that attend Millwood Elementary. They were released to the grandparent listed as an emergency contact by the school. DHS was also contacted regarding the incident and Chamberlain's children.  

News 9's calls to her home were not answered.