MWC Girl, 7, Working To Help Displaced Cambodian Villagers

Sunday, November 10th 2013, 7:24 pm
By: News 9

A 7-year-old Midwest City girl is on a mission to help others across the miles in Cambodia. It's part of a program called "Build A City."

Seven-year-old Ainsley Vaughn is trying to raise $1,000 and has been saving for a year and a half. That's why she is a good helper to her grandpa, or Pepaw as she calls him.

"I've been feeding cows," she said. "The chickens, I get their eggs and I feed them and put in new hay." 

Not only does she enjoy the work and time with her Pepaw, but she also knows that $5.00 payment at the end of the week will follow. It's all part of her plan.

"I just saw it and I wanted to help these people," Ainsley said.

The people she's talking about are from the Andong Villagein Camboia, a displaced village affecting thousands of people. When Ainsley was 6-years-old , she saw a video about the conditions in Cambodia and the "Build A City" program at church.

"She had tears in her eyes and she was 6-year-old," said Wendi Vaughn, Ainsley's mother.

Wendi says since that time, her daughter has been on a mission to raise money for the cause which is to build 1500 homes to house 6,000 people in Andong Village, an area of Cambodia plagued by flooding and deplorable conditions.

"She's saving up all her chore money and any extra jobs we can give her to do around the house," said Wendi.

Each $1,000 dollars raised is enough to build one house and that's exactly what Ainsley plans to do.

"I don't want people to live this way," she said.

Ainsley is just $300 shy of her goal to build that house in Cambodia.

"It makes me, as a mom, thankful to see that," Wendi said. "Because you see so many things that are bad, you know, and so when you see your own child have so much compassion, it's uplifting."

Ainsley is hoping to reach her goal at the end of the month and when she does, a family friend plans to match it, so when all is said and done, Ainsley will be donating money to build two houses instead of one.

If you would like to help Ainsley reach her goal, just go to to donate and be sure to put the name "Ainsley Vaughn" in the comment section.