Former Sooners Blast Williams' Dismissal From OU

Monday, November 25th 2013, 9:16 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma's dismissal of running back Damien Williams sent ripples through Sooner Nation on Monday.

Williams has had a few off-the-field issues, namely two suspensions this season, the latter of which kept him out of Saturday's victory at Kansas State, but his removal from the team still caught most people off guard.

But the impact of the decision really started raising eyebrows once a handful of ex-Sooners – all former teammates of Williams – took to Twitter.

Current New Orleans Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills and Arizona Cardinals safety Tony Jefferson did the bulk of the tweeting, but former OU offensive lineman and current Kansas City Chief Donald Stephenson also chimed in.

And these aren't players who were kicked out of OU, these are three players who went on to play on Sundays. Jefferson and Stills are also native Californians and have known Williams since they were prep stars in the San Diego area.

Here is an overview of what the trio had to say on Twitter:


Kenny Stills (OU receiver 2010-12)

"Never seen a staff put so much effort into trying to sabotage people's careers."

"Damien's situation is Damien's situation I'm referring to more than that."

"It is what it is. People make decisions and have to life w them. I just wish more effort would be made to guide not just get rid of them."

"It is what it is. People make decisions and have to life w them. I just wish more effort would be made to guide not just get rid of them."

"I'll always stand up for what I think is right. You guys don't know the half and never will."

"Never once said I agree w Damien's actions. Never said it was the coaching staffs fault. You live and you learn. My comments are directed … at another topic and were sparked bc of the suspension."


Tony Jefferson (OU defensive back 2010-12)

"Bra? Why would they remove Damien from the team? I'm heated (right now) .."

"Another draft stock butchered"

The next Tweet sparked a brief exchange between Jefferson and Stills:

"Like he just couldn't finish his college career? Stupid," – @tonyjefferson1

"@tonyjefferson1 doesn't hurt his pockets.. So he doesn't care," – @KSTiLLS

"@KSTiLLS long as his pockets is fat hell with it," – @tonyjefferson1

Then Jefferson continued, responding to criticism and comments from fans:

"Y'all must forget me and Damien go way back to high school I actually got him to commit to OU. Of course I'm not gonna defend him for..."

"his poor actions or what he decided to do to get kicked off, but for his senior year with two games left. Cmon that's my dog ..."

"I know a lot of y'all reading it grew up wit a fine house hold and money n all that but we didn't me and Damien from the bottom"

"So I feel his pain right now, and if you can't mend with that that's fine,but don't expect me to agree with it."

"But Damien is gonna overcome it."

"I loved and still Love OU couldn't have picked a better institution to attend. So you guys saying I'm bashing OU for a decision on my boy?"


Donald Stephenson (OU offensive lineman, 2007-11)

"For the record I back @KSTiLLS Something's gotta change in that program. I agree 100%"

And he wrapped things up with perhaps the most inflammatory comment of the bunch:

"Oh that's right Breenan Clay is playing well they probably just didnt need him anymore.."