Guns Stolen In Rash Of Home Break-Ins in Maysville

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013, 9:59 pm
By: News 9

Guns are stolen during a string of break-ins and the search is on for the thieves. People say they're being burglarized at random and law enforcement in two counties are investigating.

People who live in Maysville, which hugs McClain and Garvin counties, say at least 10 families have been hit by what they believe is a group of burglars, targeting homes in the town and surrounding areas.

"They just walked in there fast and sweet. I mean, I have a lot of money and car parts they could have stolen, but they didn't take that either. They just went for the guns," said victim, Colby Henson. 

Thieves steal seven guns out of Colby Henson's home. He says they simply walked in the back door, and walked out with his guns.

"It had to be two. One on the lookout, one guy went in there and grabbed them," said Henson.

"It's quiet. There's really not too much that happens, and when it does, everybody knows about it," said Henson.

In a town of just over 1200, news of random burglaries at homes and small businesses has people who live in Maysville on high alert.

"We went through a lot to struggle to get where we're at," said Hornbuckle. "And the only thing of value that we own is taken."

About two miles down the road across the Garvin county line, Hornbuckle says her husband left his work shed for about 30 minutes early Sunday morning. When he returned, his more than 200 pound $1600 welder was gone.

"Broad daylight, in the morning. Something you wouldn't expect to happen," said Hornbuckle. "I just want it back because it's hard to replace that.

"You've got to be kidding me. Who would be brave enough to do that," Troi Dodd said.

Troi Dodd lives next door and believes it took more than one thief to steal her brothers welder.

"It had to have been two or three people pick up that welder," said Dodd. "It's just bad. It's like, why are these people doing this."

"Every year around Christmas time, a lot of stuff gets stolen," said Henson. "Just didn't think it would be me this time."

A McClain county detective says so far, they have no leads. Anyone with information is encouraged to call police.