Enid Man's Random Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Tuesday, December 10th 2013, 8:33 pm
By: News 9

Random acts of kindness aren't intended to create a lot of buzz. But one Enid man's actions have gone viral.

His job may portray him as someone else, but Jeff Jackson isn't your typical salesman.

"I'm going to sound like a salesman here, but I'll give you my card so I can sell you a car," said Steven's Ford Salesman Jeff Jackson.

Jeff Jackson knows his job can come with a bad reputation.

"All the time, it's not sometimes, it's all the time," Jackson said.

But in Jackson's latest deal, he wasn't worried about what he was getting. Instead, what he gave.

"Just that kind of a person. Good hearted," Ralph Wilson said.

Lately Ralph Wilson has been down on his luck.

"Tried staying at a homeless shelter, but it didn't work out. Too full," Wilson said.

Needing a place to live and a job, Wilson found help from his friend of 25 years, Hennessey resident Randy Matthews.

"I made a deal with him and the problem was we didn't have a place for him to live," said friend Randy Matthews.

So Matthews went looking for a home for Ralph on Craigslist and found a trailer for sale in Enid, Jackson's trailer.

"Randy said 'let's go look at it and buy it,'" Wilson said.

When Matthews and Wilson arrived to buy the trailer from Jackson, Jackson did as salesmen do. And pulled a fast one on the strangers.

"Somebody needed something and I had stuff he could use," said Jackson.

"He really went out of his way for me. You don't meet people like that very much," Wilson said.

"It blew my mind just making sure this guy has everything he needed," said Matthews.

Jackson supplied Wilson with everything a man needs.

"He gave me pretty much everything in here," Wilson said.

From clothes to meat, and even a TV.

"I think it was an avenue the lord put in front of us to cross paths," Wilson said.

"That's just natural. I told him, 'you know. I'm a strong believer in you reap what you sow,'" said Jackson.

Jackson even dropped the asking price by $200. Still in the end to Jackson, it was just another deal.

"just a coat hanging in my closet I wasn't using. If people just paid attention to what's around them they can make a bigger difference than what they know," Jackson said.

The final price tag of the trailer was $750. Jackson said he would have given the trailer to Matthews and Wilson, But Jackson had one more thing to give. His daughter is soon to be married.