Norman Mom On The Lookout For Hit-And-Run Driver

Sunday, December 22nd 2013, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

A Norman mother is out for justice Sunday night. She was the victim of a hit and run in her own neighborhood.

Mercedes Esquibel says she was driving into her neighborhood Friday night when she yielded, and another car slammed right into hers and then took off.

"I can't believe you know a block away from your house, and you can get into a hit and run," said Esquibel.

So close to home, Esquibel had the lights knocked off her car. There are still pieces left on the street.

"Comes in out of nowhere and just scares me, and I'm just honking at her, you know and I see it coming and I know what's about to happen and just boom right into the left side of my car," Esquibel said.

It was Friday at 11:30 p.m. when Esquibel says a woman ran into her on Tecumseh Ridge Rd.

"And she comes and asks me if I'm OK, and I tell her I'm OK, and she walks back to her car and just takes off," Esquibel said.

Esquibel has a bruised knee and her car is un-drivable. She can't afford to fix it since she only has liability insurance, and is saving for college while taking care of her 5-month-old son.

"It's terrifying you know when you hear your daughter like that on the phone, and then for someone just to leave her there, you know she could've had severe injuries," said Esquibel's mother, Debra Cordova.

Esquibel's mother made flyers describing the driver, a woman about 18 years old, driving a metallic blue Honda CRV. The family is determined to find the driver and make her pay.

"They probably think I'm stalking that cul-de-sac. I drive by there at least 10 times a day," said Cordova. "So if she does not live in that cul-de-sac, then she is acquaintances with somebody there so somewhere there knows who she is."

If you have any information, the family asks you to call Norman Police.