Midwest City Residents Deal With No Heat At Apartment Complex

Tuesday, January 7th 2014, 5:45 pm
By: News 9

Dangerous conditions are being reported from a Midwest City apartment complex where the heat has been turned off. Residents are left battling frigid temperatures. Health experts say living in those conditions is unhealthy and risky.

"The first night I went to my mom's, then after that, [I] went to another relative's [home]," tenant Enjoli Johnson said.

The Johnson family is getting ready to move out of the Parkview Apartments, where they say a December fire has kept the electricity off for three weeks.

"It was very devastating paying my last money for my month, and then we were out on our butts," Johnson said.

EMSA warns exposure to recent temperatures can and will cause hypothermia. EMSA medics have responded to six cold exposure calls since Sunday.

Johnson says Parkview Apartments is letting her out of her lease after weeks of receiving the run around. News 9 wanted to know what's next for Johnson's neighbors and how the complex plans on fixing the issue. News 9 was told to leave the complex property.

"They're trying to charge me rent for this month, and it's not even livable. Do your homework before you move into anywhere. Know where you're going."

Johnson says she was only able to make progress with her landlord after calling a lawyer, her state representative and News 9. To file a complaint about a rental property, call the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council at (405) 232-3247.