Justin Adams' Mother Defends Son After Guilty Plea

Wednesday, February 12th 2014, 10:30 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma mother opens up about her son's decision to plead guilty in the deaths of his wife and her unborn baby.

Justin Adams made the plea deal Wednesday. However, he still maintains his innocence as he has from the start.

"We are in a corner. Our backs are against the wall. We have no more financing. We can't afford a long trial," said Adams' mother, Tina Clarke.

Clarke said her son signed off on manslaughter charges to avoid prison. She described it as the lesser of two evils in order for Adams to raise his young son who he had with his wife, Jaymie.

"[The] justice system let him down two years ago and I'm afraid if we went to court now, then the justice system would fail him again," said Clarke.

Jaymie Adams was found stabbed to death in the woods near Lake Stanley Draper in Jan. 2012. Justin Adams admitted he and Jaymie participated in online prostitution by placing sex ads on Craigslist.

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Court papers said Joseph Cyr answered one of Jaymie's ads and he is the last person who saw her alive. Cyr was arrested the same day prosecutors reduced Justin Adams' charges to manslaughter. Investigators said Cyr's DNA was found on Jaymie's body.

"I knew my son didn't kill his wife and I fought so hard to get him out jail. I fought so hard to get the right one there, and still my son got a blemish," Clarke explained.

Clarke said she feels like she let her son down because he is now a convicted felon and lost his military career.

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"I've watched him suffer for the last two years. He can't find work with all this hanging on him and trying to raise a baby on his own and losing of his wife," Clarke said.

Clarke said she is turning all her efforts to Cyr and making sure Adams testifies against him.

"I want him prosecuted because he is the actual guilty person," she said.

The plea deal got Justin Adams a 10-year suspended sentence, which means he got probation. Joseph Cyr's preliminary hearing is next month.

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