Intern Inspires Officers At MWC Police Department

Friday, February 14th 2014, 8:15 pm
By: News 9

An internship is for the benefit of the student, but in Midwest City, it's not about what one intern has learned, it's about what she's taught the entire department.

Each year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of college students are also interns.

"Oh ok, so it's a story about the internship," said Midwest City Police intern, Veronica Aviles.

But that's not quite it, because chances are, not one intern is loved as much as Aviles.

"She is my hero," said MWC Police Chief, Brandon Clabes.

Aviles might have what some call restrictions.

"I go through them every day so it's not like anything different," said Aviles.

Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at birth, Aviles has been wheelchair-bound since she was five. And none of that matters to her.

"Just doing what you're doing every day," said Aviles.

Originally from Texas, Aviles and her mom live in the metro for school.

"She decided this career and anything we can do to make it possible for her," said Veronica's mom, Maria Aviles.

Aviles is a senior at UCO with a major in Criminal Justice. That is how she met Clabes.

"He just approached me, asked me what my major was and I told him and he said he has programs. I didn't really think it was an actual offer," said Aviles.

But it was an actual offer and since January, Aviles has been an intern at the MWC Police Department.

"I'm so happy when she comes through the doors," said Clabes.

"It's just kind of weird. Honestly I'm like any other college student going through the program," said Aviles.

And like all interns, Aviles is now looking for a job.

"FBI is kind of the ultimate thing," said Aviles.

And that shouldn't be too hard with a resounding reference from the chief himself.

"I'm going to say she probably is my favorite intern," said Clabes.

Aviles will complete her internship in April and will graduate from UCO this May.