Burglar Busts Through Wall To Rob Businesses, Caught On Camera

Thursday, March 6th 2014, 6:03 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police say a thief has already hit three stores at the Walnut Creek Shopping Center, but fortunately a cell phone store there had night vision surveillance cameras that caught him in the act.

You can see on the video as the thief somehow busts through the wall and then uses a flashlight to see where he is as well as what he can take. That video was taken at the metro PCS store that just opened in January. A worker tells News 9 the thief broke in through a storage closet in the back of the room.

The hole in the wall is all patched up, but the thief managed to take several phones and Bluetooth devices. He also took a register with about $300 in cash. But he failed to notice the electronic eye way up in the corner

"It was a good thing we had the camera," said Varemi Raikhan, a worker at the cell phone store. "It really helps."

The thief also broke into the pain management clinic right next door and managed to take thousands of dollars' worth of iPads, Mac Books, and laptop PC's. He then broke through another wall at the clinic, and right into the cell phone store next door.

Now both businesses hope the video will help catch the person responsible, and put him behind bars before he strikes again.

"You know I hope that police will catch who did it," said Raikhan.

Police think this thief may have used a crowbar or other device to break through all that sheet rock. But reports show he also took a saw from one of the crime scenes, so he may be using that too.

If you have any information, please call OKC Crime Stoppers at (405) 235-7300.