Moore Police Searching For Man Impersonating Officer

Friday, April 11th 2014, 8:05 pm
By: News 9

Police in Moore are looking for a man pretending to be an officer, this after a woman called 911 saying he pulled up in a car with flashing lights, then demanded to pat her down.

Police tell us this person is not one of their police officers and the car he is driving is not one of theirs either. But they are concerned someone is driving around pretending to be a cop. And so is the woman who reported he patted her down.

Tasha Shields says she was just walking home from the Library Thursday afternoon when she noticed the flashing lights.

"I honestly thought he was going to get me for jaywalking," said Shields, who has only lived in Moore for two months.

Shields says when the man got out of the car he told her to turn around, and that he was going to frisk her. The reason…

"He just said that I matched the description of a suspicious person, that he needed to search me for any weapons or anything illegal," said Shields.

Shields says she asked for a female officer, but was told one was not available. And she says once he started touching her, she knew something was very, very wrong.

"He started up at my chest, and went down my stomach and took his time in my groin area," said Shields. "And then took his time on my backside. And then after a minute, he said I didn't look very suspicious and that I could go home."

That's when Shields rushed home and called police. Her main concern is that there are schools nearby and that this person might be targeting children too.

"I want him off the street," said Shields.

According to her and the police report, the man was wearing a navy blue shirt and pants, a badge, and a gold name tag with the name "S. Swotzky." She says he was driving a black Ford Crown Victoria with red and blue flashing lights, and white side mirrors.

She reports he was about 6 feet tall, had pale skin with freckles on his nose, and had reddish blonde hair and had either blue or green eyes.

"We're working to try to figure out if anyone else has seen anyone like this," said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Moore. "And our officers are looking out for that vehicle. We don't have any vehicles that match that description. We don't have any vehicles that don't have lights on the top."

And Moore police say all of their officers will be in a uniform and a badge and it's OK to ask an officer for proof, or to call police for backup.

"Really don't know what his intention is obviously it was the wrong intention," said Knight. "And it's a very serious crime."