OK County Sheriff's Deputies Welcome New K9s To Force

Thursday, April 17th 2014, 6:34 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is welcoming two new members to its agency -- some of the bravest members of law enforcement.

Many times, police dogs are charged with the task of bringing down dangerous criminals while keeping their human partners out of harm's way. To help ensure safety, K9 training is underway in the Deer Creek area.

"[The dogs] can either be paid with a reward or with a bite," said Cpl. Scott Novotny while training his dog Flesh. "Usually our dogs have to be given a command to engage a suspect."

On Tuesday, much of the K9 training was focused on tracking scents for more than 100 yards and locating individuals.

During the process deputies say the handlers learn just as much as, if not more than, their dogs. It's training that will help deputies take down suspects, find victims and locate illegal drugs. But in order for that to happen, man and his best friend must be on the same page.

"When they come to the Sheriff's Office, they have a bonding process that they go through with the handler," Novotny said.

The bonding orientation lasts two weeks to roughly a month. However, general bonding is an ongoing process.

"It's like one of your family [members]," said Novotny. "Once you develop that relationship and that bond, they become part of your family."

The two new members include an explosive-detecting dog and one for narcotics. They come from a training facility in Florida with tracking and obedience already instilled.

The new four-legged officers will be full-time starting next week.