OKC Man Stabbed During Alleged Apartment Break-In

Monday, April 28th 2014, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

A metro family is afraid a suspected burglar, who was armed with a knife, may retaliate if he's not arrested.

They said the suspect is actually hanging around their apartment complex near I-240 and May.

News 9 is told the victim spent the weekend in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times. He was apparently trying to fight off the alleged burglar, after he was attacked from behind.

"They replaced our sliding glass door with just a wooden board," said Carletta Nelson. "I'm just in fear for my family's safety."

Carletta Nelson says she's been living in the apartment complex for the past seven months and hasn't had any major issues until now.

"We have tried to take measures to be aware and alert of anybody entering our house," Nelson said pointing to bottles on her kitchen window seal.

A little after 2 a.m. Friday, Nelson said a man, who they've seen before on the property, broke into her home through her kitchen window.

She said her apartment was completely dark at the time of the break-in, although apartment managers claim she was having a party.

"Which that's not true," Nelson said.

Nelson said she and her three daughters were upstairs sleeping. Three visitors were downstairs.

According to Nelson, one man was attacked from behind, and another guest downstairs heard the commotion, woke up and grabbed the alleged burglar.

"While he was pulling the guy back, he ran straight forward and ran straight through my glass door," Nelson said.

The property manager for Ashley Park Townhomes wouldn't comment on camera, but Nelson said she was told if a guest does any damage to her apartment, she's responsible for paying for it.

"I just want to be treated fairly," said Nelson. "I didn't do anything to cause this, and I feel like I'm basically being victimized twice."

News 9 also reached out to the apartment's corporate office in Houston and are still waiting to hear back.

There was also a reported car-break at the complex the same night of the stabbing. No word if the two incidents are connected.

No arrest have been made.