OKC Woman Says Roofer Ripped Her Off

Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 11:22 pm
By: News 9

A metro grandmother says her mobile home was damaged during last year's spring storms. Now she says she's in the middle of a roofing nightmare and she believes her roof could cave in at any moment.

Barbara Holland says she asked the roofing contractor to fix more 12 severe leaks inside her home, but she says he actually made the problems worse. Now, even after an apparent 25-year guarantee, the contractor says he can no longer help.

"He said he would fix it. I would have no problems. He would take care of it for me," said Barbara Holland.

Holland says she's barely making it and now she's having to deal with a leaky ceiling, all because of a shoddy roofing job.

"I've got my ceilings falling through. Rain is coming in through the sides of my wall," said Holland.

Holland says she gave $1,620 in cash to a roofer who said he worked for "Vital Roofing", a small company based out of Texas. She got a check from FEMA to help repair what she says was storm damage from last May.

"He seemed like a nice guy, and I asked him to come look at it," said Holland. "We have to put a blanket and about three pans right there to hold it."

News 9 called at least four different numbers listed for the company, but it appears that "Vital Roofing" out of Yantis, Texas, a town of less than 400,no longer exists.

"I've had roofers come and look at it and they say it looks like kids did it. It's atrocious," said Holland.

Holland's neighbor has been a roofer for a number of years and he calls this a total rip off.

"Probably have to move if I can't get it fixed," Holland said.

Now, the concern for Holland and her 13-year-old granddaughter is mold in the home. The roof has been leaking for nearly a year now and she's trying to get her money back.