Family Says They Were Attacked At Fundraising Concert In OKC

Tuesday, May 6th 2014, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

A disabled Oklahoma man said he got beat up at a benefit concert.

Doug Stallcup, his wife and their teenage son were at the downtown OKC airpark on Friday for a fundraising concert when police say Doug became the target of a drunken tirade.

"People just need to be more considerate of handicap people," said Stallcup.

Stallcup is disabled with limited mobility resulting from a crash.

"I was distraught, you know, I was like where's Teri and William at? My heart was in my throat," Stallcup told News 9.

Stallcup's family was sitting in the concert's handicap section and Stallcup said he asked Cole Ranney and Nicolette Loftis to scoot down a few seats.

"He popped off something, said something, next thing I know I've got a hand in my face, beer all over my face," Stallcup said.

The Oklahoma City police report said Ranney grabbed Stallcup by the ear and pulled him down closer to Ranney's face, then began shouting profanities at Stallcup. Stallcup said he pushed Ranney away and Loftis snuck up on him.

"Next thing, I get a tap on the shoulder and someone grabs my vest, yanks me around and BAM, she hits me in the jaw so hard my jaw hurt," Stallcup explained.

According to the police report, Stallcup's 16-year-old son stepped in to help his dad and got punched in the upper torso by someone and Loftis kicked him in the groin.

"Kicked my son in the groin so hard they had to have EMSA come out and check my son out," said Teri Stallcup. "He threw up, I mean it took him to his knees," she added.

Police said when they arrested Ranney, he yelled "You don't know who I am, you don't know who my parents are."

They said he went on to say, "Y'all weren't cool in high school and those badges don't make you cool now."

"Think twice about your alcohol intake, be more responsible because when you leave there you are going to be on the road," Stallcup said.

Police said Ranney threatened them, shouted profanities and insults the entire time during transport.

They said he knocked his head on the patrol car windows, then kicked a door that hit an officer and they had to pepper spray him. Ranney and Loftis were both booked on assault and battery and public drunk complaints.