Police Release Picture Of Suspect Accused Of Stabbing Dog

Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police said they believe they know the identity of a man who stabbed a dog in the face during a burglary.

News 9 first covered the story in August 2013 and on Wednesday the arrest warrant was issued for 46-year-old Paul Factor of Yukon. Police said they hoped someone knows where to find him.

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Factor is accused of stabbing a guard dog named Lucy at Beck's Garage near NW 42nd and Western.

"She healed up remarkably well considering the severity of the wound," said owner Jeff Beck.

Police said the blade was 4-inches long and Beck said it miraculously missed her eyeball, nerve and brain. Beck was excited to hear police named a suspect.

"Ok, good, finally somebody is going to be held accountable for their bad behavior, so yeah, yay," Beck added.

Police said Factor jumped the garage fence around 2 a.m. on Aug. 2 and stabbed the dog in the face.

"I don't wish any ill will on anybody, but don't mess with me, don't mess with my family and don't mess with my dogs," said Beck.

Police said Factor ran away after the stabbing and they believed he was bleeding, too. They were able to gather blood samples from the fence and said the blood trail led across the street to Sipango's Bar.

Bar employees said the same guy was there earlier in the night, then left and returned 20 minutes later to try to attack them with another knife.

"As long as they get their man, really it doesn't matter how long it takes. I'm just glad to get him off the streets," said Sipango's owner Patrick Hyde.

Police said they took Factor to detox that night and he was released before they found out about Lucy. Investigators say they have not been able to track down Factor.

If you know where he is, call Crime Stoppers (405) 235-7300.