Tuttle High School Student In Hot Water Over Prank

Wednesday, May 28th 2014, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

A high school graduate pulls a last minute senior prank moments after walking across the stage. It's all caught on school surveillance cameras, and at the time, school officials didn't think it was funny.

The now high school graduate took a fire extinguisher and sprayed down the office of the vice principal and the in school suspension room. The vice principal called the police. 

At Tuttle High School's graduation, it was one student's last chance to complete his rite of passage. Usually mostly harmless, but sometimes, according to police, that harmless prank escalates into vandalism.

"And this is our suspect, and that is where the fire extinguisher is kept," said Tuttle Police Maj. Michael Scott pointing to surveillance video.  

Hallway surveillance cameras catch every move of the graduate.

"I was a little surprised at how kind of brazen this was in front of everyone," said Scott.

He clearly takes a fire extinguisher then casually walks down the hall with it. A lady in yellow even seems to question where he's headed. The graduating senior eventually places it in the vice principal's office, and gets back in line for the procession.

"This is after graduation. Everybody is filing out," said Scott.

That's when the now Tuttle High School alum makes his move.

"Obviously something is going on in there," said Scott. "See the powder coming from the doors?"

According to the police report, a layer of white powder covered the carpet, desk, bookshelves, and office computers.

"Just because it's a high school kid, and he thought it was a prank, doesn't mean we take it any less serious," said Scott.

In the police report, Tuttle's school superintendent Bobby Waitman said "he wanted to pursue charges against the suspect for vandalism."

However, no charges have been filed, and even though police were called, school officials say they've decided to handle the situation behind closed doors.

The Tuttle High School principal says they met with the graduate Tuesday. News 9 is told he admitted to everything, and agreed to take care of any damages. No word on what consequences if any the former student may face.