Chickasha Police Looking For Graffiti Vandals

Monday, June 16th 2014, 5:55 pm
By: News 9

Some Chickasha residents are upset after finding graffiti on their homes, cars and even a church early Monday morning. And police need your help in finding the suspects.

Annoying and unnecessary is how some describe the recent tagging in Chickasha neighborhoods, and they just want to make out the reason why.

"Crow, Sleepy DE and a star."

That's what was spray painted all on the side of Kenneth Hatch's home of two years in Chickasha Sunday night, and he is furious.

"I want to ring their necks," said Hatch, who lives on S. 15th Street.

Hatch tried to scrub off the red and black paint with acetone and a rag, but the trace is still there. Vandals also tagged a home, garage and red truck on S. 13th Street. Chickasha Police are investigating.

"Possibly going to be juveniles in the area, school is out now. They don't have a lot of things to do sometimes and they look for mischievous things to get involved in," said Lt. James McClain, Chickasha Police Department.

Detectives say the crime occurred sometime overnight and they believe there could be more tagged locations.

"From what I've seen, it looks to be random graffiti, not a lot of consistency. But with this just being reported last night, it's still under investigation as to if they're related or not," McClain said.

Much of the tagging has "Juggalo" written on it. The vandals even spray painted on a church.

"One hatchet before God," was written on the door of New Life Christian Church, which was not amused, saying in a statement:

"The family of New Life Christian Church were distressed and hurt by the graffiti and property damage to our church building this last weekend. New Life Christian Church has a history of helping people both in our community, as well as around the world. We pray those involved are apprehended to prevent future needless destruction of property. We would much rather use our fund to glorify Jesus and help our neighbors than to have to spend money making repairs."

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call police. If caught, the vandals could face criminal charges and fines.