Moore Police Officer Saves DUI Suspect From Burning Car

Wednesday, June 18th 2014, 9:44 pm
By: News 9

A Moore police officer jumps into a ravine to save a man out of a burning truck. The dash camera rolls during the rescue, but now that man is in jail accused of drinking and driving.

It was busy night for Officer Kyle Johnson. He says he is amazed the guy wasn't seriously hurt. It happened around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Johnson rushes south down Eastern and makes a left onto S.W. 34th. That's where he sees a Chevy Silverado on fire.

"I exited my vehicle and just pretty much took off for the vehicle that was on fire," said Johnson.

At the time, Johnson says he wasn't sure if anyone was hurt. You can see in the dash cam video two other cars pulled off to the side of the road trying to see if someone was inside.

"At this time of night, it's typically people who are under the influence," said Johnson. "But my immediate thoughts were just to preserve life. As I came up on the ravine, I noticed that it was pretty deep. The whole truck was down in it."  

When Johnson ran up to the burning truck he actually saw 40-year-old Gregory Bosley get out, but he was stuck in the ravine.

"He fell down into the water down here in this ravine bed and I just basically hopped down there, grabbed him and drug him out," said Johnson. 

Bosley was dragged about 30 yards by Johnson across a field. He was taken to a hospital to treat a few minor cuts and bruises. Then he was arrested.

"It was pretty dumbfounding really that he didn't even really sustain any injuries other than minor scrapes," said Johnson.

Police say Bosley admitted he had been drinking excessively when he crashed into that ravine. He was arrested and right now he's in the Cleveland county jail for DUI.