Hurricane Odile Leaves Oklahomans Stranded In Cabo

Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 7:50 pm
By: News 9

Hurricane Odile is weakening as it moves into Arizona, but the storm left behind a path of destruction.

Cabo San Lucas was one the hardest hit areas. Right now, several Oklahomans are stranded there.

Hurricane Odile slammed into Cabo as a Category 3 Hurricane with over 125 mph winds. The day it hit was the same day six Oklahomans were supposed to come home.

As residents of Cabo San Lucas work to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Odile, crumbled homes, debris filled streets and every nearby airport is in shambles.

Over 950 tourists sit stranded at one resort just northwest of the main devastation. Among them is Edmond resident, Rick Spring, and five friends.

Since Odile hit on Monday, they've had food, running water and power every three hours, but for the first time in two days, they have phone service.

After reassuring family, Spring spoke with News 9.

"It was bad," said Spring. "It was, it was just as bad as any tornado you could think of that you've been through. The only thing is it gets real quiet. The second swing around is harder and more powerful."

Spring and those at the resort are in a more fortunate situation than most.

"From what I understand, we're in the best shape of anybody in a 100-mile radius," said Spring. "Everything is just leveled,"

Yet, Mexico's military questions how long that shape will last. With looters making their way through town, the next target could be the tourists, so an emergency evacuation has just been planned to get Spring and the others out of Cabo.

"Everything's been looted," said Spring. "They had to bring the military, just society going crazy going on."

Spring said the military plans to evacuate 700 people tomorrow and 250 on Friday.