Three Arrested For Allegedly Raping Man At NE OKC Apartment

Monday, October 20th 2014, 3:37 pm
By: News 9

Three Oklahoma City men are facing rape charges after an alleged incident that occurred at an apartment on the northeast side of the metro Saturday.

A young male victim in his 20s reported the crime to police on Sunday after a friend convinced him to come forward.

The victim fought tears as he recounted with investigators the events that led up to the alleged attacked. He said he met one of the suspects, 26-year-old Naif Albaquami, at a local bar two weeks prior to the incident. The two talked again on Saturday and agreed to meet up at the Park Place apartment complex, located near NE 28th St. and Walnut Ave., before going to a bar.

The victim said he met Naif at an apartment that he was told was the residence of a man named “Nedo”, later identified as the second suspect in the crime, 25-year-old Mamoon Al Ghuwainem.

The victim told police that he, Naif, “Nedo” and a third man, identified as the third suspect, 23-year-old Fahad Al Ghuwainem, took “Nedo's” car and went to “The Copa,” a dance club located near NW Expressway and N. Penn. Ave. After leaving the club, the group returned to the apartment.

Once back at the apartment the victim said he rushed to use the bathroom. As he came out of the bathroom he told police Fahad was standing in his way. He then said Fahad began “rubbing up” on him. Initially he said he went with it and the two went into a bedroom, but then he said it “got too rough.” The victim told police he repeatedly asked Fahad to stop, but Fahad did not listen and continued to have sexual intercourse with him. Afterwards he said Fahad got up and left.

The victim told police he was shocked by what had happened and tried to quickly gather up his clothes. But as he was trying to put his clothes back on he said “Nedo” came in the room and started having sex with him. The victim said despite his repeated pleas to stop, “Nedo” kept having sex with him before also getting up and leaving the room.

Again, the victim told police he tried to hurry and get dressed, but then he said Naif came in and forced himself on him. At this point the victim told police he was crying and begging Naif to stop. He said he was yelling Naif's name in the hopes that it would “make it personal” and Naif would realize what he was doing. Naif continued on, however, before getting up and leaving the victim alone in the room.

After the third attack, the victim said he quickly put on his clothes and went to his car. He said he sat in his car, crying for a long time before finally calling a friend to tell what had happened to him.

The friend told police that the victim called him around 4 a.m., frantic and crying. That friend was eventually able to calm the victim down and convince him to call the police.

The victim told police that none of the suspects hit him during the encounter, but that he was injured. He also said he could identify his attackers. The victim led police to the apartment complex before being taken to Midwest Regional hospital to be examined with a rape kit.

All three suspects were later arrested and transported to the Oklahoma County Jail. All three men were booked on one complaint each of First-Degree Rape. Each of their bonds was set at $25,000.