Midwest City Apartment Tenants Say They're Being Forced Out

Tuesday, January 20th 2015, 9:59 pm
By: News 9

Dozens of tenants at a Midwest City apartment complex were suddenly told the rent they just paid was never accounted for.

They said they're being forced to pay again or vacate in just 24-hours.

Some residents at the Silver Wood Apartments, right off N.E. 10th Street and Air Depot told News 9, in some cases, managers were going back several months charging late fees and unpaid rent.

News 9 was told someone may have been pocketing the money leaving tenants in the middle of a mess.

“They're finding money all the way back from October,” said Rachel Hogg.

Rachel Hogg was making rounds to see how many people have gotten a 24-hour vacate notice on their doors.

“When they change management so much, the wires get crossed and everything,” said a tenant.

“This is very serious. I've watched a woman hold a stack of at least 40 to 50 notices that have been given out to residents that have been paying their rent faithfully, who are disgruntled,” said Hogg.

Rachel is a young mother on dialysis, and on a fixed income. According to the notice, she has to come up with a thousand dollars.

“I've already sacrificed $775 this month, and I can't afford to sacrifice no more,” said Hogg.

“I'm paying full rent, $625, yes, a month, faithfully,” said tenant Connie Jackson. “Now they're saying it's not in the computer and they don't have no recollection of my money order.”

We stopped by the rental office.

“I was just brought in here, and I'm just trying to help find out where all that money went to,” said an apartment manager. “I'm just trying to fix everybody's work.”

“I have to be able to live the little bit of life I have left, and not do their job for them. It is not our fault, and we shouldn't have to be penalized,” said Hogg.

News 9 reached out to who we believe is the owner of the complex in Los Angeles, but couldn't get the owner on the phone.

The apartment manager told News 9 if tenants have proof they paid their rent they would get a credit, otherwise there wasn't a solution for those who said they've already paid rent in full.