Arrest Made In Accidental Shooting Of Former OSU Student

Wednesday, January 21st 2015, 5:20 pm
By: News 9

An 18-year-old is charged in accidental shooting death of a former OSU student in Stillwater. Police say the teen was handling what she thought was toy gun when it went off killing 21-year-old Alex Vierling.

Stillwater Police issued the warrant for Tristen Taylor Tuesday. She was arrested and released that same day on a $75,000 bond.

Alex Vierling's gun was loaded with one bullet the night of his death.

Police said Tristen Taylor immediately admitted to the shooting claiming it was an accident.

It was an end of the semester party the weekend before Christmas.

I was really shocked, like I thought it was a joke,” said former high school classmate Madison Malcolm.

Police said Vierling was showing off his new revolver he had recently bought to friends at the party.

"You won't shoot me in the head with it" is what Vierling supposedly told Tristen Taylor moments before Stillwater Police said she shot him.

Taylor is now facing a manslaughter charge for his death. The night of Vierling's death Taylor admitted to having a few alcoholic drinks at the party.

Taylor told police, Vierling gave her the gun sitting on his lap after joking with her. Police said she pointed the gun at Vierling saying, "It's not real, why does it matter" then fired the gun, all along thinking it was a toy.

The only bullet in the cylinder killed Vierling after hitting him in the forehead.

"Tristen said she heard a loud pop and Alex leaned over, blood coming from Alex's nose"

Taylor called Stillwater Police throwing her hands up in the air and admitting to the shooting when officers arrived. "I shot him it was an accident I thought it was a toy and he said 'shoot me'"

The former OSU student died at OU Medical Center on December 21st.

“It's crazy, just people messing around. You don't think that big of a tragedy could happen, especially for that young of a kid,” she said.

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