Surveillance Video Shows Penn Square Mall Robbery Suspect

Monday, February 2nd 2015, 5:36 pm
By: News 9

New surveillance video showed a man possibly stalking his next victim inside Penn Square Mall. Police believed the suspect was connected to two robberies last month targeting shoppers.

Both robberies happened in the Penn Square parking garage less than an hour apart.

Police released this video on Monday hoping someone will recognize the man.

The surveillance video from inside JCPenny's was moments before police said the suspect robbed the man walking in front of him.

Once outside the store, the victim told police the man stopped him demanding all of his money saying, "I ain't [sic] playing, give me your money."

According to police, the suspect then lifted his shirt revealing a gun tucked in his waistband. The victim then gave the crook $500 and was told to run.

Less than an hour later, police said that same man found his next shopper.

The woman was leaving Macy's top level headed to her car when she was caught off guard by the same man. He was holding a gun and again demanded money.

When she refused to get in a car with him or give him money, the man grabbed her cellphone.

“You could tell on her face that something was going on,” said Gregory Wolfinbarger.

Gregory Wolfinbarger said he was in the right place at the right time. He and his family were parking on the top level of the garage headed to the movies when they saw the frantic and scared woman.

“She was pounding on the glass you know getting our attention,” he said.

Wolfinbarger pulled the mother of two into the car.

“My wife is calling 911 and I am trying to talk to her and calm her down and at the same time trying to look around. You know I don't know where this guy went,” said Wolfinbarger.

Police said in both cases, the man took off before they arrived.

While we can never fully reduce our chances of being a victim, police said by shopping with friends, being aware of your surroundings and putting your purchases in the trunk, you can greatly reduce your risk.