Neighbors On Alert After Home Break-In And Attack On OC Trails

Thursday, February 5th 2015, 10:06 pm
By: News 9

A scary encounter has some metro neighbors on alert and police stepping up patrols.

This as a man broke into a woman's Edmond home and waited for her to return.

Investigators suspected this wasn't his only crime.

Police believe this may be the same guy who approached a group of female OC students and groped one of them on the university trials less than an hour before the home break-in.

“We have the neighborhood watch sign right in front of our house, and our neighbors usually look out for each other,” said neighbor, Amber Morgan.

Amber Morgan walks her two dogs on the trails daily.

“We've never really been worried about safety. An incident like this is pretty scary though,” said Morgan.

And since her neighbor Annie, who lives near the trails posted a warning on Facebook, she's watched her back.

Last Wednesday, Annie said she and her husband got home and noticed things weren't quite right. After hearing noises coming from a bedroom, her husband found a man crawling out of a window!

Police believed it was the same man who approached Annie on the trails, a week ago.

“I'm glad she posted it, of course, that's pretty awesome of her. I mean that's courageous,” said Morgan.

Police believe that man had her routine down, and was in her bedroom waiting for her to come home.

Since the incident, neighbors told News 9 the couple hasn't been home. In fact, a “for lease” sign now sits in the front yard.

“Never noticed any problems. That's the first we've heard of anything here in the area. It seems fine,” said neighbor, Rob Wagner.

News like this came as a surprise to those who frequent the trails like Rob Wagner and his wife.

“It seems like a nice area overall, and then even in the evening it's well lit. No problem coming out in the evening either,” said Wagner.

“It makes you worry a little bit,” said Morgan. “But it's not going to make me stop going to the dog park or walking my dogs at all.”

Edmond and Oklahoma Christian Police are stepping up patrols in the area.

The suspected prowler is still on the loose.