'50 Shades Of Grey' Movie Hits Theaters, Stirs Controversy

Friday, February 13th 2015, 9:29 am
By: News 9

A popular book series turned movie hits the box office on Friday. We're talking about "50 Shades Of Grey." Among all the hype, there is controversy. Some people say this move is anything but romantic.

Movie theaters are expected to be packed with fans, but others plan protest and even boycott the film. Several groups and domestic violence campaigns are supporting the movement.

In the book, the plot centers on Christian Grey, who is a damaged billionaire and sadist who seduces a seemingly innocent woman named Anastasia Steele.

A number of groups including the American Family Association, which promotes Christian values, said it is allowing pornography to enter the mainstream and glorifies abuse against women.

Others plan to make their case known outside movie theaters.

"Violence does occur daily for women, and a movie like this teaches violence. It's not just about sexual pleasure,” Protester Mary Jo Walters said.

There is a hashtag appearing on both Facebook and Twitter, “50 Dollars Not 50 Shades.” It's encouraging people to not see the movie, and instead, donate the money they would have spent on a ticket to a local women's shelter.

While researching this, we discovered a number of people who are boycotting the movie have not read the book series. But they said they're still against what it stands for.

Tickets have been on sale for weeks and experts think it should earn $60 million opening weekend.