Yukon Police Clean Out Evidence Room, Auction Off Valuables

Tuesday, February 17th 2015, 6:18 pm
By: News 9

The Yukon Police Department said it is cleaning out its evidence room and some of the items are so valuable, they are up for auction.

On the list were some brand new Kevin Durant shoes, brand new iPads still in the box and much more.

“Face creams and lipsticks, eye shadows, rings, bracelets, children's clothes in there and I noticed most of that stuff is selling,” said Yukon Police Captain Mike Merry.

Authorities said the auction is expected to bring in several thousand dollars and all of it came from the police evidence room.

“Once things are placed in those bins on the outside, you can come back here and take things out, enter them into the computer, barcode them,” said Captain Merry.

Everything in the evidence room was there because someone found it and turned it in, it was seized in a crime or it was stolen property and police could never determine the real owner.

“Every year, you never know what you are going to have,” said Capt. Merry. “This year, some guys decided to go on a little theft spree of shoes and iPads,” he added.

Captain Merry said there are a lot of items that will never be put up for auction.

Drugs eventually get destroyed and most guns are cut up and melted down.

“There's always a couple of big items like the iPads and the shoes or it might be guns,” Capt. Merry told News 9. “There's always something in there that's of value,” he said.

For the items that can be sold, like a garage full of bicycles, authorities said, the payoff is huge.

The City of Yukon has already raised $284,000 by auctioning items.

Any of the items that did not get bought on Tuesday will be placed into another auction later on at a reduced price. 

Learn more about the items auction items.

Yukon police actually kept a few of the seized iPads for their detectives to use in the field.