Your 2 Cents: #OUnity

Monday, March 9th 2015, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

At News 9, we're encouraging the community to move forward in unity. All day, you've joined us in the conversation using the hashtag #OUnity.

Here's some of what you had to say.

Kevin Crumpler: "Seeing the current student body at @UofOklahoma publicly stand up for what's right, today is a GREAT DAY to be a Sooner!"

Tyler Maynard: "The racist video is a small group of people who were cowardly. In no way should that reflect on OU as a whole."

Colson Files: "Fighting fire w/fire makes the whole world burn. Approach w/grace followed by intentional action and conversation to create change"

J.D. Baker: "Let's continue to stand together in love and stand against intolerance."

OkieGrrl: "The integrity of the many outweigh the ignorance of the few."

eborah allen: "there were no real Sooners on that bus! We fans are appalled and disgusted! Hand in hand we shall overcome!"

Ann Kempa: "hard to imagine that any of our children could be so ignorant. Is it a failed attempt at being cool by bashing someone else?"

Carolyn Anyong: "Purpose of highered: gain a broad scope of knowledge and understanding of life. Proud of my alma for teaching a lesson."

KD Selby: "I hope all Sooners unite to eradicate racism sexism and homophobia from our campus state and nation"